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Live Video Streaming is the future of Mobile Content Creating

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The Live Video Streaming is just in it's infancy seeing as it was only created in the first 60 day of 2015. There are 3 players in the field now starting off with them in order then Meerkat and the last player to the game is Periscope. Each have there own Niche streams and fallowing s. All 3 are the same kind of Mobile App doing Live Video Streaming to the world at a moments notice. I'm sure in the very near future you will the 4 larger players (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft) that are all currently fighting over video content now will be jumping in the Live Video Streaming area very soon. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what is a Live Video Stream worth because of it's raw, live, real unedited and has way more impact than a photo.
All the examples in Live Video Streaming are growing 10 fold every week in many different ways as the medium grows and matures and finds its legs to start running. Google I/O 2015 talked about the single largest shift in money to ever happen in history will happen in the next 4 years to the tune of over 1 trillion US dollars in the Mobile Revaluation that has started to reach it stride by overtaking in 2014 the most views to the internet. I'm so convinced that Live Video Streaming is going to a big part of this trend that I'm trying to help people get there piece of this exploding market and the life changing things that come with it. If you have any interest in more information or what to do please contact Dave: Call or Text 619 750-3355 Email
(Meerkat: Live Bono U2 on stage) Story: is a video platform for anyone with a phone to broadcast and share life’s experiences as they happen. It’s built from the ground up for mobile. is easy to use, easy to share on other platforms, and just really fun. On the back-end, it leverages proprietary transcoding and broadcasting technologies to deliver a seamless high-quality experience that can scale infinitely as the mobile live streaming bailiwick takes shape.
(Meerkat: Micah hike Boulder Co) was built to help people share life’s experiences as they happen. With the continued rapid global adoption of mobile devices and real-time social networking, and the relatively low amount of options for people to do so, our founding team believes the winning mobile streaming platform will be the one with the highest quality streams and most compelling shared experiences.

(Periscope: Comedian Howie Mandel sharing his Life)
There have been a lot of live streaming companies over the years. Why bet on live streaming now?
(Meerkat: Gary Vadercheck 100 Live Show)
Simple. The technology is finally there. Streaming 1.0 incumbents were built for a different model and are too entrenched to have a truly mobile-first platform. With, we disregarded all the rules to built something new and authentic from the ground up for mobile.
(Periscope: Rick Dale from TV Rick's Restoration)
And beyond the technology, people need a reason to use that technology:

Personal: we live in an age of sharing, from selfies to status updates. Live streaming is just the latest format for people to share their lives with others. For many, that will be a personal moment shared between family/friends, such as a marriage proposal or a birthday song. The live component draws the viewer closer to the moment, and that can be a very personal thing.

(Periscope: NASCAR Tony Stewart 20K Feet on his jet talk)
Fan engagement: Celebrities engage their fans through live Twitter Q&As, post behind the scenes photos, or video their day to day life. Adding live streaming is just another way to engage fans in the moment, and we’re already talking to several actors, musicians, and comedians about how they can incorporate streaming without a video crew into their fan engagement strategies.

(Periscope: President CEO of the Diamond Backs Derrick Hall)
Performances: Allowing fans to stream an event live—such as concerts or sporting events—transforms them from a passive viewer to an active participant. Their perspective becomes a component of the performance, which elevates not only the performance itself, but the experience of both the fan capturing the footage and the many fans viewing it. We’ve already worked with a National Football League team, and are developing enterprise-grade solutions for other brands as we move forward.

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News: From citizen journalism to professional outlets, broadcasting events live as they happen from a mobile phone stands to revolutionize the news gathering business.

When was founded? What’s the history of the company? started in Jan/Feb 2014. Shortly after deciding to pursue, we were presenting our first alpha version of at a local Charleston tech event when a Jacksonville Jaguars executive caught wind of it—they liked it so much they rolled out a version to fans and quietly used it in every home game over all of the 2014-15 season.

(Meerkat: Micah Keystone Co May,30th 2015 Trip)
We’re now in public beta working toward full-scale launch. Being honored as a SXSW Interactive “Connecting People” award catapulted us into the spotlight this week—along with all the traction in the live streaming market as of late.

What does Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope and the emergence of Meerkat mean to

It means our timing is perfect. And sure, you can look at this as market validation—it surely is, Twitter is betting on live streaming, and that’s great—but what we’re really seeing are two things: 1) people want live streaming solutions; and 2) the technology is finally here to deliver it via phones.

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Now, with regards to the latter—the tech—that’s where I’m confident wins out in this market. We develop everything in-house, and we have no third party dependencies to stop our growth.

To be honest, is excited about Periscope and especially Meerkat because, if live streaming behavior sticks, it will come down to best product + multiple platform support, and we think we can win here.

(Meerkat: Geoff Golberg NY NY adventures)
How does differ from Meerkat and other competitors?

First, we’re more flexible in terms of how videos are broadcast. We built our own broadcast platform which can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, e-mail, etc. as the user likes, or it can remain limited to our platform. We don’t require anyone to use Twitter or any other third-party network. The result is a more flexible solution that the user controls. While at this time all broadcasts are public, the user can control how public they are by limiting which platform they take place on, and we’ll soon have an option for private streaming to select users as well.

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We don’t rely on Twitter for our chat function, we have our own, which again is naturally more private, but still allows the user to broadcast via other social networks if they prefer.

Also, we built this from the ground up as a mobile solution first. Developing using our own stack gives us an advantage over those who outsource components to others. The smartphone is the key to the live broadcast experience, so the solution should be focused on that device over all others.

(Meerkat: Herbie sharing the Statue of Liberty)
What privacy guarantees are there?

The security and privacy sides of live streaming are items that we take very seriously.

We encrypt all of our services at various stages. At this time, all broadcasts are public. This summer, we’ll add an option to invite only specific viewers to a stream. Videos on our platform are not stored. There’s the option to archive a 15-second snippet, which we call a “reel,” for 24 hours. But otherwise users can save any video they take to their own devices or storage solution separate from our platform.

(Periscope: Sunset's from around the world)
With regards to location, we only show the general area someone is in, but not the exact location—and the video streamer has the option not to share location at all.

Meerkat Story: On February 27th 2015 Meerkat was unveiled a radically simplified iOS app for broadcasting live video to your Twitter followers. The dead-simple app has two options: you can schedule a stream for later, or start one now. When it starts, a tweet notifies your twitter followers that you’re broadcasting. They can follow along and comment as they watch. After it's office launch within hours, video streams tagged with the app's name began appearing in the timelines of thousands of Twitter users around the world.

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Periscope Story: Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. The startup behind the app was purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million in March 2015. On March 26, 2015, Twitter officially relaunched the application on iOS under its own App Store account. May 26,2015, Periscope released for Android.

The services of Periscope are available in the mobile application itself as well as on Twitter. Users of Periscope are able to choose whether or not to make their video public or simply viewable to certain users such as their friends or families. Periscope allows viewers to send "hearts" to the broadcaster by tapping on the mobile screen as a form of appreciation. Under the People tab, there will be a Most Loved List that shows the users who have received the most hearts during the real-live broadcast.

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The app can be misappropriated for video piracy, an issue that came to the forefront around the time of the app's launch when several users of the service used it to air the fifth season premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones live; that network made the claim that the service needed better tools and policies to deal with copyrighted content. These issues were magnified further by a professional boxing event on May 2, 2015, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, which was televised via a pay per view that cost approximately US$90, but was widely pirated through streams of various quality on Periscope. Periscope'sterms of service specifies that rebroadcasting copyrighted content violates the service's TOS, and can result in suspension or banning the offending account.

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In April/May 2015, CNN's Max Foster pioneered the use of the app in journalism during his coverage of the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.


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