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Great Coffee Roasters

Coffee Clubs goal is to entertain and educate coffee lovers, food service professionals, and the coffee trade with an objective guide to identifying and enjoying great coffee.
Victrola Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing only the finest small lot coffees from around the world and developing the best roast profiles to bring out their unique and intricate nuances. With excellence in mind, their roasting and education crew spends countless hours working with all of their coffees and educating the public to showcase each of the unique origins through the cup. Whether you are a fan of small lot single origin coffees, or enjoy a finely tuned espresso blend, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Victrola in Seattle!
Since 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has hand-roasted great-tasting specialty coffee in Columbus, Ohio. Their goal is to protect the integrity of each coffee bean from seed to cup. They travel to coffee-producing countries to inspect and buy the best coffee beans possible. They have created direct relationships with coffee farming communities to help increase coffee quality and the quality of life for the farmers and their families. The beans are roasted in small batches to highlight unique varietal flavors, and then packaged and shipped at the peak of freshness. The result? An awesome coffee in your cup!
406-542-3509 | 503-208-2872
Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a US-based global non-profit membership organization, consisting of an alliance of coffee lovers dedicated to advancing excellence in coffee. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence owns and manages the Cup of Excellence, program which gives out the most prestigious award in coffee. It has affected several thousands of farmers as its unmatched focus on reward for quality and transparency to the farmer has changed the specialty coffee industry.
860 426-1965
JoJo's is Connecticut-based micro-roaster committed to spending as much time as necessary to carefully profile and roast its coffee beans. Because individual coffee characteristics and flavors can be traced to the origin of the bean, JoJo's never compromises the exclusive appeal of a given bean just to sell more coffee. Jojo’s takes its time. Jojo’s does not sell flavored coffees. The company does not gamble with flavor compounds that are not in the best interest of providing classically delicious coffee.
Topéca’s mission is to create a sustainable business built from seed to cup, in which no one part or individual is greater than the whole. Every decision Topéca makes is based on the sustainability of each component of that seed to cup model, not simply what the market demands. The fact that Topéca is owned and operated by a sixth-generation El Salvador coffee farming family gives Topéca a unique perspective on the specialty coffee industry as a whole. Topéca strives to leave each part of that picture better than it found it. Topéca consists of a roastery, a wholesale business and a training facility, as well as two coffee shops and a bakery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Regular Coffee Company is the first subscription based coffee supplier to use predictive technology and customer engagement to divine user preferences in taste, roast level and origin. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect quantity and frequency of hand-made coffee. We adhere to the highest “Specialty Coffee” standards by sourcing from small farms and roasting to exacting specifications. We then apply high efficiency production and distribution methodology to deliver farm fresh quality that is shockingly cheap and easy. Join the revolution and subscribe to the world’s first Fourth Wave coffee roaster, the next generation in coffee production.
Great coffee is motivational. Inspirational. Timeless moments are often shared over a cup. So we take our coffee very seriously. Since 2005, Parisi coffee has been our proud, passionate homage to our Italian heritage. We spend our days crafting, cupping and tweaking until the final product becomes more than coffee, but a complement to the moment, the meal or simply an experience unto itself. All our coffees are hand-crafted from seed to cup, focusing on direct farm relationships and small-batch roasting to discover art from every cup…something we Arte Della Tazza {Art From The Cup}™.
Paradise Coffee Roasters is a Minnesota-based online retailer and wholesaler of elite single-origin coffees and top-rated espressos. In fact, Paradise's coffees have earned scores of 94+ points from Coffee Review on 20 occasions. Paradise Coffee Roasters prides itself on roasting and shipping coffee only after orders are placed.
Klatch Coffee is an award-winning small-batch roasting company in the Los Angeles area with a recently established but quite distinguished record as a coffee leader and innovator. Roastermaster Mike Perry blends a background in chemical engineering with a love for great coffee to balance science and art in creating consistently outstanding, highly rated coffees and espressos. Resident barista and trainer, Heather Perry, won the 2003 United States Barista Championship brewing a Coffee Klatch espresso blend.
Barrington Coffee is passionate about discovering the world's finest and most exciting coffees each season, roasting them to perfection and delivering fresh to customers. They believe that a truly great coffee should be roasted to highlight its inherent quality without imparting overwhelming roast. Providing exquisite coffee and exceptional service since 1993.
(916) 454-1282
Temple Coffee is quality-focused retail and wholesale specialty roaster active in Sacramento, California since 2005. Committed to sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffees, Temple features coffee from distinguished single estates and cooperatives around the world. Temple also is active within the barista competition community, offering coffee and espresso classes for baristas and retail and wholesale customers alike at its roasterie and training facility.
Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters source, import and roast the top coffees from around the globe. Created out of a passion for coffee and out of a desire to help people. Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters is a 501-C3 non-profit that donates all profit after expenses to fund schools, feeding programs and for drilling water wells.
Path Coffee Roasters is a New York-based micro-roaster committed to sourcing coffees that speak directly to the region they come from. Whether they originate from a small family farm or a larger cooperative, Path is dedicated to discovering coffees that it believes coffee enthusiasts will enjoy on a daily basis. Begun by two very passionate coffee lovers, Jason Richter and Johnny Steverson, all its coffees are roasted in small batches by hand to order, and great care is given to each lot and origin aimed at developing their ultimate flavor. Path Coffee Roasters is also a source for training both professionals and non-professionals, with monthly classes and private instruction available at its roastery and lab.
Located in the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii, Big Island Coffee Roasters is an award-winning farm and roaster of beautiful, micro-lot coffees. With an emphasis on experimentation, innovation and education, roastmaster Kelleigh Stewart and farmer Brandon von Damitz skillfully craft and source specialty coffees which highlight the diversified terroir of Hawaii. Retail and wholesale customers can expect a varied menu of seasonal Hawaiian classics and authentic originals.
Sonofresco is an innovative manufacturer of commercial coffee roasters based in Burlington, WA. The Sonofresco 1-lb Sample Roaster combination and 2-lb Coffee Roasters offer you the latest technology in high quality, consistent, efficient, fluid-bed roasting. Sonofresco Roasters are known for their simplicity and compact design making them ideal for coffee retailers and home-based businesses around the world. Engineers, Dr. Jerry Whitfield and Robert Penrose, are committed to new technological improvements and our new 2014 models include the ability to roast custom-made profiles using bluetooth connectivity. UL Listed. Sonofresco: simple, reliable and consistent.
F. Gaviña & Sons is a family-owned and managed roaster in the Los Angeles area whose upscale Don Francisco's line of specialty coffees is named after Francisco Gaviña, who was born and raised on the family coffee plantation in Cuba and whose four children now manage the company with a passion for coffee and tradition. Gaviña prides itself on offering a large range of roast styles and origins, all of which embody their commitment to supplying "real coffee from real coffee people."
Unlike wine, roasted coffee does not improve with age. imports the world's finest specialty coffee beans, fresh roasts each order, and ships within hours. Music theme blends such as Smooth Jazz, Rock N' Java, New York New York, and Constant Cravings reflect the encouragement the founder received from a well-known musician friend to start this gourmet coffee roastery. Today, satisfies over 3,500 wholesale and retail specialty coffee customer accounts throughout the USA.
Willoughby's Coffee & Tea was founded in 1985 by Bob Williams and Barry Levine. For more than twenty years, the company's core mission has been to produce the finest and freshest coffee beans possible and deliver products and service that are unparalleled in the marketplace. Five guiding principles - Quality, Freshness, Value, Service, and Commitment - ensure customers always enjoy "Serious Coffee."®
Buy farm direct 100% Kona Coffee. All of our coffee is grown, processed and roasted on our own plantation in Kona, Hawaii. Hula Daddy Kona Coffee is only sold farm direct, either at our farm or our website. If customers are not satisfied we have a no-questions-asked refund policy.
Founded in 2006 by best friends Mark Wain and Gary Chau, Caffe Luxxe opened its first caffe in Santa Monica, CA and is considered the pioneer of 3rd wave coffee in Los Angeles. We search for coffee grown and produced in small lots from independent farmers who are always paid a fair price. The “best of the best” beans are then hand selected to create an even smaller micro-lot which is what we feature.
1-866-240-0033 is a leading online retailer of Keurig single-cup brewers, K-Cups, and highly rated coffees and gifts. The company promotes convenient home and office delivery of Keurig brewers and K-Cups with low prices, free shipping, and fast delivery.
CQ Coffee Roasters is a coffee-loving, quality-focused roasting company out of Bedford, NH. CQ concentrates its efforts on just a few matters of consequence: 1. CQ believes in its dedicated farmers and producers. 2. CQ obsesses about creating the perfect roast profile for each of its storied coffees. 3. CQ remains vigilant in the art of cupping. 4. CQ is dedicated to freshness and considers freshness paramount to its prime directive. CQ is a coffee-driven company from farm to cup!
Blueprint Coffee seeks to promote a mutually beneficial relationship loop among our producers, vendors, wholesale partners and customers. Good coffee must be good from the start, so Blueprint dedicates a tremendous amount of time selecting a few coffees that are fresh and exciting. The beauty in these coffees is maintained through precise roasting, brewing and training methods. Blueprint was born because a handful of baristas knew there was a need for a more open, transparent way to serve and present coffee. We encourage local customers to stop by for a cup and coffee lovers everywhere to sample our coffees and join in the loop.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has developed from a one-store roaster-café in Waitsfield, Vermont, to a publicly traded company famous for Keurig Brewers and single-serve K-Cups. It remains remarkably true to its original vision as a coffee roaster dedicated to quality in the cup and quality of life and environment in coffee-growing regions.
Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters is a leading quality-oriented specialty roaster that prides itself on paying attention to every detail of coffee's journey, from seeking out the finest coffees from estates and cooperatives around the world to roasting them in small batches. With operations in both Olympia, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia, Batdorf & Bronson is one of few American specialty coffee roasters with roasting facilities on both coasts. Batdorf & Bronson offers organic and Fair Trade certified coffees, refined single estate offerings, and distinctive blends like the celebrated Dancing Goats espresso blend.
For the past 20 years, PT's Coffee has centered on artisan roasting and freshness, underscored by its mission to directly source over 80% of its coffee offerings directly from the top farmers in the world. A proud supporter of Coffee Review since 2000, over half of PT's coffee submissions have earned scores of 92+ points, with 10 earning scores of 95+ points.
Freshly roasted in B.C., the Canadian Doi Chaang Coffee Company produces high quality, certified Fair Trade, Organic and 100% Arabica single-estate roasts and blends with beans from Doi Chang Village in Northern Thailand. Half of the company is owned by the farmers, the indigenous Akha Hill Tribe, which is why the coffee is also called “beyond fair trade.”
GoCoffeeGo offers coffees from America's 18 top award-winning roasters on one site with one easy checkout, featuring Roast Magazine's Roaster of the Year award winners: Bird Rock, PT's, Klatch, Equator, Higher Ground, and Metropolis Coffee. Joining this elite group are the leading names in the 3rd & 4th wave coffee roasting movement: Johnson Brothers, Temple, MadCap, 1000faces, Doma, Ritual, Barefoot, Novo, Kuma, Atomic, Verve Coffee, as well as Batdorf & Bronson. All coffee is roasted-to-order and shipped direct from the roaster to the consumer. Regular customers benefit from GoCoffeeGo's multi-roaster Auto-Ship system, the "Netflix of Coffee."
Mystic Monk Coffee is roasted by Carmelite Monks in their monastery in the silence and solitude of the Rocky Mountains of northern Wyoming. The monks have studied the art of small batch coffee roasting to perfection, and offer a large selection of signature Arabica blends assembled from coffees from all over the world, with the proceeds going to construct a gothic-style monastery. Mystic Monk Coffee's gourmet coffee and unique story is fast attracting a loyal following of coffee lovers.

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